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Open year-round!
William G. Allyn Ice Arena & Duke Schneider Ice Arena

  • Team Practices, Hockey Tournaments, Speed Skating, Pickup Hockey & Games, Figure Skating
  • Skate Parties, Gym Classes, Broomball, Sled Hockey
  • Fundraising Events


Ice Reservations: 2 Simple Steps:

Please follow the steps below to book ice times.

1.) Check the availability by viewing the available Ice Schedule at the online Reservation Site link below.

2.)Submit your request on our Online Reservation Site      

This is a booking request only and not a confirmation of booking. 
Groups will be contacted to confirm the booking by Matt Major, Ice Rinks Director. 
A credit card is required to reserve your rental request.

Once the individual/ group requesting ice time receives a permit your ice time is approved and is officially reserved.

 For help navigating our online reservation system view instructions HERE

Contact Ice Rink Director: Matt Major
 or call (315) 685-2266 ext. 2006. 


Hourly Ice Rates:  

Prime–Time Rates:
Y- Members:     $190 per hour    General Public: $205 per hour   

 Big Event Ice: Additional Cost

Non-Prime Time Rates:
Y Members: $160 per hour          General Public: $175 per hour

Non-Prime-Time Hours:
1. Any days after 11:00 pm
2. Mondays thru Fridays, 6:00 am to 4:00 pm (rate not available during school breaks)
3. All days, 6:00 am to 7:30 am 

Tournament Ice Rates:
Interested in hosting a tournament? Contact Matt Major, Rinks Director


Ice Rental Policies:

Cancellations must be reported a minimum of 21 days prior to any booking to avoid payment. FULL payment is due otherwise

The ice will be resurfaced at the BEGINNING of your scheduled time. Groups renting multiple hours may dictate their resurfacing requirement, assuming a booking of two or more hours. Resurfacing will not be scheduled more than once an hour.

IMPORTANT. The Ice Resurfacer will NOT go on the ice to resurface if there are ANY PLAYERS, COACHES, or PUCKS on the ice.  THIS IS AN ARENA RULE AND IS FOR EVERYONE'S SAFETY.