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Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring Program

Take Action to Improve Heart Health

Program Overview

The YMCA’s Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring program is designed to help adults with hypertension lower and manage their blood pressure. The four-month program focuses on regulated home self-monitoring of one’s blood pressure using proper measuring techniques, individualized support, and nutrition education for better blood pressure management. A trained Healthy Heart Ambassador works with participants to identify blood pressure patterns and share self-monitoring tracking and results with their healthcare provider.  The program helps increase awareness of triggers that elevate blood pressure and provides knowledge for heart-healthy eating habits. 

Program Details

Healthy Heart Ambassadors will train participants to properly use a self-monitoring blood pressure cuff and emphasize the value of regular self-monitoring.  Ambassadors will also provide ongoing personalized support as they strive to achieve their program goals.  Participants will:

  • Measure and record their blood pressure at least two times per month
  • Attend two personalized consultations per month with a Healthy Heart Ambassador
  • Attend monthly Nutrition Education Seminars
  • Record and track their blood pressure readings at home

Eligible participants - This program is open to adults 18 and older diagnosed with high blood pressure.  Individuals must not have had a recent cardiac event, have atrial fibrillation or other arrhythmias, or be at risk for lymphedema. 

How Do I Participate

Want to learn more or are interested in participating? 
Contact our Health and Wellness Director, Laura Clary.
Phone:  315.990.0696    


Registrants must complete a waiver and submit it before beginning the program.

  • The waiver is available to download HERE
  • At the Member Services Desk, when you register in person
  • Available to download if you register online.