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Personal Training

Looking for a new challenge or need some additional motivation? A  Personal Trainer can be just what you need.
Our trainers will evaluate your health history and lifestyle to design a program that will specifically meet your needs and help you achieve your goals.

Our trainers are educated professionals often with years of experience who can help any YMCA member including working professionals, new moms, seniors, and triathletes.

Y trainers come from as many different backgrounds and walk of life as our members do, and we take great care in matching members with the right personal trainer.

Your initial visit includes a review of your health history, lifestyle, and goals. Your personal trainer can then help you achieve
goals through one-on-one attention, accountability, and expertise.

YMCA personal training is held, on land or in the water and incorporates many different elements and equipment.

Purchase Personal Training sessions individually, or in blocks of five or ten sessions.
Additionally, Y members can partner up and share personal training. No more than 4 people at once.

Y Member Pricing –Personal Training


Session Length 1 Session 5 Session Pkg 10 Sessions Pkg 20 Sessions Pkg
30 Min. $38 $175 Save $15 $320 Save $60 $540 Save $220
45  Min. $48 $215 save $25 $400 Save $80 $740 Save $220
60 Min. $58 $270 save $20 $500 Save $80 $940 Save $220

Buddy training (2 participants)- per person payments

Session Length 1 Session  5 session pkg 10 session Pkg 20 Session Pkg
3 Min. $33 $150 Save $15 $270 Save $60 $440 Save $220
45 Min $43 $200 Save $15 $350 Save $80 $640 Save $220
60 Min $53 $250 Save $15 $450 Save $80 $780  save $280


General Public Pricing - Personal Training


Session Length 1 Session 5 session Pkg. 10 session Pkg. 20 session Pkg.
30 $50 $220 Save $30 $270 Save $60 $440 Save $200
45 $70 $300 Save $50 $350 Save $80 $640 Save $360
60 $75 $32 Save $ 55 $450 Save $80 $780 Save $360

Ready to get started?

P    Please complete our REGISTRATION FORM  

Ø     Your assigned personal trainer will contact you within 48 business hours
to schedule an in-person consultation, where you will—

o   Conduct an assessment of your current physical condition

o   Discuss your goals and where you would like your physical condition to be

o   Discuss how you and your trainer are going to help you achieve your goal

o   Conduct individual assessments on strength, flexibility, balance, posture, mobility, range of motion, etc.

o   Record your biometrics, such as height, weight, age, body fat %, body mass index, etc.

Ø      Following the assessment, your trainer will recommend the session plan that is right for you (though you may purchase sessions at any time, it is recommended to wait until your assessment is complete to ensure you are choosing the package that best suits your needs).

Ø  Communicate with your trainer to begin scheduling your sessions.

Ø  If at any point you feel the assigned trainer is not a good fit for you, contact the Health and Wellness Director to schedule a new trainer.


Questions? Please email our Health & Wellness Director


Move Ahead Post Rehab
at the Y

The Skaneateles Y now offers post-rehab programs for people who have completed physical therapy and are interested in achieving the next level of strength, health, and fitness. This is a guided program with an emphasis on achieving full function for daily, work, or sports activities. The Post Rehabilitation program is available to recent physical therapy graduates with a referral from their PT. This is for individuals who need to continue improving their physical status.
Expert Health and Wellness professionals will assist and oversee the transition. The YMCA will waive the membership fee for 8 weeks for people who are joining our Post-Rehab Program. Upon entering the program the individual will receive a complimentary evaluation of their needs and will be
directed towards appropriate activities. Participants will periodically meet with staff to monitor their progress
and satisfaction.

Learn more Here