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Pre/Post Natal Barre Intensity. 
10/15 11:15 am-12 pm 6 -weeks

Newborns up to 4 months may attend.
Medical Clearance Required.

Auburn Y Members: $50
General Public: $100

"Don't let the 'intensity' name deter you from attending this 6-week program.
Join certified Barre Intensity instructor Marie as she delivers a class with low-impact barre movements, focusing on breath control, alignment, and core/pelvic floor conditioning.

Registration Opens September 8th

 Aching hips and legs, and, of course, back muscles, are all common in all stages of pregnancy.
This class will target specific muscles-glutes, inner thighs, hamstrings, abdominals, pelvic floor, and upper and lower back. Why? Focusing on these areas can help you lengthen and strengthen the muscles that best help you accommodate the growing bump.

Everything you can do in the first two trimesters to strengthen these muscles, especially the back and posterior chain, will help her at least reduce the aches and pains of the baby’s added weight.

Exercises that improve core strength and stability are a must. Working these two will help make the pregnancy less uncomfortable and will help when it comes to delivery time.