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On Tour Amenities
Our tour offers you amenities like no other! While some tours furnish only the basics, the Bon Ton decided long ago to provide maximum comfort to our guests at a reasonable price point. We are always looking to provide you with even more! Take a minute to review the many luxuries we provide. If you see something we've missed, please email us and suggest something for future tours.

Breakfast & Dinner

2024 Meals TBD

Breakfast & dinner are provided as part of the registration fee and are located either at the overnight camp or within a short distance. Both meals, including meatless entrees, are offered throughout the week.

Wherever possible, our routes are mapped to take riders near lunch options, which are posted on the daily attractions sheet. We encourage riders to carefully consider their morning pace to arrive near lunch options around noon, or riders can simply take advantage of our hearty breakfast & dinner or our well-stocked rest stops. Lunch is not provided by the Bon Ton.

Rest Stops
Rest stops are provided along the route during the week; the morning stop is located roughly 10-15 miles from the day's start point, and the afternoon stop is roughly 10-15 miles from the next overnight camp. Riders can refuel with a wide selection of fresh fruit, water, and sports drinks. Rest stop food and beverages are provided as part of the registration fee.

Water Fill Stations / Beverage Coolers

Each overnight camp has a water filling station for water bottles. Bottled water, sports drinks, and other beverages are also located in ice-filled beverage coolers near the Information Tent. For a small fee, participants can retrieve beverages from these beverage coolers; however, storing personal items inside, such as ice packs or medication, is strictly prohibited.

Snack Bar

Our cash & carry Snack Bar, located near the Special Delivery, offers typical “snackie” fare such as hamburgers, hotdogs, and candy– food to curb a hungry appetite!


Most evenings, you can relax to the sounds of great local musicians or listen to a local historical speaker.

Quiet Time

For the convenience of fellow riders, we ask that all overnight campers observe a quiet time after 10:00 pm each night.  For those campers with a later bedtime or are noisy sleepers, we recommend that you place your tent away from other campers.

On the Tour – Safety!

Amid all the excitement of your vacation, the Bon Ton Roulet remains vigilant in helping you stay safe.  Please take time to review our safety information and your role in making this tour as safe as it is fun!

Illness Preparedness Plan

Illness can spread rapidly on a bike tour.  As part of our broader Illness Preparedness Plan, we’ve listed some health safety DO’s & DON’Ts to help you keep illness at bay.

DO List:

  • DO wash your hands often using antibacterial soap
  • DO use hand-sanitizing liquid, versus not washing hands
  • DO clean your water bottle mouthpiece before drinking
  • DO eat whole & pared fruit served from food-safe gloves
  • DO keep hydrated by drinking water regularly
  • DO comply with hygiene signage wherever posted
  • DO report any unsafe hygienic practices you observe
  • DO report any symptom of illness immediately

DON' T List:

  • DON'T eat while wearing bicycle gloves
  • DON’T replace hand washing with hand-sanitizing liquid
  • DON’T “hand wade” in the coolers
  • DON’T store personal items in Bon Ton Roulet coolers
  • DON’T share fruit or other personal consumables
  • DON’T assume you’re not sick if you have symptoms


Restroom & Shower Facilities

The Bon Ton relies mainly on the facilities at schools and colleges to accommodate our overnight campers.  A mobile shower truck is also available at camp, and portable restrooms where facilities may be limited.  Please report any unsanitary conditions.

Good Hydration

Waiting until you’re thirsty to drink is a common mistake.  Feeling that you need to drink is an early indicator of dehydration.  On the other hand, Hyponatremia can result from excessive fluid intake.  To maintain proper hydration, all riders should carry at least two water bottles and remember to drink at regular intervals.  Also, avoid taking any non-steroidal and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Sun Exposure

Whether sunny or cloudy, a rider’s skin will be exposed to the sun all day.  We recommend using sunscreen with a high SPF on all exposed skin to reduce sunburn.

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

Our SAG vehicle drivers often give several quick beeps of their horns as they approach riders along the route. 
When this happens, gesture;
Thumbs Up = “I’m OK and don’t need assistance.”
Thumbs Down = “Please stop. I need assistance.”

Safety Requirements & Recommendations

The following will help make this tour safer and more enjoyable:

Rider Requirements:

  • A Consumer Product Safety Commission-approved helmet is required to be worn
  • Ride single file, with traffic flow, as far to the right as safe
  • Verbalize your intentions to other cyclists, especially when passing
  • Inform other riders of potential road hazards
  • As SAG Vehicles pass… Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down
  • Adult supervision is required for riders aged 16 or younger
  • Cyclists must obey all traffic laws, signs, and signs posted by the tour.
  • The Bon Ton bike plate MUST  be tied to the back of all bikes/seats

Rider Recommendations:

  • Pace yourself. Have fun! You have all day to travel the tour
  • A multi-geared bicycle is recommended
  • A rearview mirror attached to the helmet is recommended
  • You should be in good shape and capable of riding long distances and steep changes in elevation
  • Have a health insurance card with you at all times, one that notes all important medical information
  • Wear sunscreen on all exposed skin to avoid sunburn
  • Use common sense and courtesy with all road traffic

Rare Severe Weather Conditions

The most common severe weather condition involves heavy rainfall, lightning, and/or strong winds.  These conditions may force you to seek temporary shelter in a commercial or municipal building, on the porch of a private residence, or even in a SAG vehicle.  If shelter is not near during a lightning storm, crouch down away from trees and keep at least 15 feet away from other people, bikes, or metal objects.  Overnight camps also have sheltered areas for these rare severe weather conditions.  Forecasts are posted on the Message Board and updated regularly as new weather information becomes available.