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Water, water everywhere! Working out in the water is one of the most therapeutic activities one can take part in. Water aerobics builds cardio, strength and resistance all while being easy on the joints and in a cool and relaxing atmosphere!

For more information contact Aquatics Erin Johnson at 315-253-5304 ext 1012 or email Erin.

aquatic group exercise class schedule


Exercise is done in shallow water. Includes, stretching, aerobics, walking & cooling down. 


Exercise in shallow water. Includes warm-up & stretching followed by high-level aerobics, finishing with cool-down. 

Aqua Boot Camp

A high-intensity, low-impact shallow and/or deep water fitness class that is fun, fast, and effective.  Uses a variety of buoyancy and resistance equipment, circuit training, and cardio work to help you improve your fitness, tone, and strengthen your body.  A challenging workout, yet adaptable for all fitness levels, ages, and abilities. 

Deep Water Movement

Participants wear float belts for a low-impact workout in deep water, incorporating upper and lower body exercises for toning and improving core body strength.

Deep Water Challenge

High-intensity interval workout in deep water incorporating upper and lower body exercises. Uses a float belt.

Rusty Hinges  

For those who are living with arthritis or other conditions that can be helped by a mild range of motion exercises in the water. 


Improve flexibility, build strength and burn massive calories.  High-energy intervals paired with soothing stretches for recovery. 


Deep end class designed to increase agility, range of movement, and cardio endurance.