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Adult Learn to Play 101/102  Ages 18+

With Matt Ide

Next session: Mondays, November 7 - December 26, 2022.  9:00-10:30 pm
Register in person at the Y, Call 315.685.2266 or register ONLINE

Our skill development program for novice through intermediate level players program
includes Warm-up & free time - skating skills, stick handling, passing and shooting drills
Please note full hockey equipment is required.

Skaneateles / Auburn Y Members; $155
General Public: $240

Drop-in available: Skaneateles / Auburn Y members; $15 per night
                             General public: $20 Per night.

Adult Open Hockey Ages 18+

Wednesdays 8:45
This session is for Novice level only(see description below)

Thursdays    9:00-10:30 pm     
This session is for Intermediate through Gold Level ONLY (See description below)

Sundays  10:15 -11:30am
This session is for Bronze through Silver Level Only ( See description below)


Register online weekly.

Limited space.

30 players maximum.

Plus 2 Goalies max


Skaneateles/Auburn Y Members Online: Free

Non-Members Online $12.00 with Coupon Code: (AOH4)

Walk-in's $15.00 (if space is available)

Goalies, please register under the Goalie header.



How to rate your ability Level:

This player is a beginner in the truest sense of the word. He/she has begun playing the game as an adult and may only have one to five years of playing experience. The basic skills of the game i.e. skating, shooting, and passing are in their infancy and are the main focus of their development.

This player is considered a “C” level player which can be broken up into two levels (example: C1 and C2). He/she may be a less experienced adult recreational player with some youth hockey playing experience up to the Bantam house level. The player has a limited understanding of where they should be positioned on the ice. Forward and backward skating may be somewhat strong, but maneuverability and transition still need work.

This player is a C+ or B- level player. He/she might be an experienced adult recreational player and may have played up to midget or high school in a non-traditional hockey area for these levels.

This player is an advanced-level adult player with high-level basic hockey skills. He/she also has a very high understanding of team play and where they should be positional on the ice. Forward and backward skating skills are strong with good maneuverability and transition. They may have played at the high school varsity level or the non-varsity college level.

This player has mastered the basic skills of the game and would be considered an elite-level adult player. He/She probably has played at the highest levels of organized hockey i.e. professionally anywhere in the world or division I and III college hockey. Also, in this category would be junior players from the United States and Canada.