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Answers to questions our most frequent member questions.

What should I expect when I come to the Y?

Before your first visit, you must acknowledge and sign our new Code of Conduct and Liability waiver. You can complete that now by clicking here. The Waiver for Minors can be found here.

Upon arrival at the Y, all members complete a health screening process and have their temperature taken. Members are checked in using their membership card or phone.

To ensure that we can appropriately manage physical distancing and cleaning, you can expect parts of the facility to be closed and limited access to equipment. Our website will have a complete list of what is and is not available. Reservations are required for all facilities/classes.


What is the YMCA doing to keep staff & members safe?

  • All members and staff will be screened and have their temperature taken before being allowed to enter the facilities.
  • All staff and members will wear masks at all times while in the facility. Masks may be removed during eating or drinking during which they will physically distance from others.
  • Additional hand sanitization stations have been placed throughout the building.
  • Members must wipe down and sanitize BEFORE AND AFTER using any equipment.
  • Equipment has been spread out and equipment availability has been reduced to allow for distancing. Signage is on the equipment and floors, to ensure 6-foot social distancing. If a sign indicates a machine cannot be used, members will not remove or move the sign.
  • Protective plastic sheeting is in place at our Welcome Desk and minimum hand to hand transactions are encouraged.
  • High touchpoints, equipment, and spaces are cleaned and sanitized with higher frequency.
  • The Onondaga County Health Department has inspected the fitness center and found it to be in compliance with all COVID-19 requirements.

What is the Y doing to ensure NYS air handling and chemical requirements are met?

  • NYS-approved MERV 13 air filters have been installed in all of our air handling units. As we have always done, we continue to adhere to Department of Health (DOH) standards regarding chemical level requirements.


Are masks required? 

  • Approved face coverings are required at all times while you are in the YMCA facility, per the NYS Department of Health.
  • Bandanas, gaiters, and buffs are not acceptable. Masks may be removed when swimming and skating.


Is wearing a mask safe? It feels hard to breathe when I wear a mask. 

  • While some people have health conditions that make face coverings unsafe, they are safe for nearly all of us, even if they feel uncomfortable at first and take a while to get used to. Public health experts agree face coverings are likely the most important tool in preventing virus from passing from one person to another. Make sure your face covering covers your mouth and nose but isn’t overly tight or restrictive. If a medical condition prevents the use of a mask, members are asked to present a doctor’s note and they would then be required to use a face shield.


Are locker rooms available for changing and storage?

Yes! Locker rooms will be available, beginning Monday, October 26. 
Please help to maintain a safe environment by wearing your face mask unless you are in the shower and maintaining social distancing.
Lockers and showers are equipped with signage which indicates if that is sanitized for use.
Please observe signage and help us by flipping signs from
green (sanitized) to red ( need to be sanitized) when you are done using them.


Why are some programs not being offered?

NYS COVID-19 safety requirements guidelines, including physical distancing and occupancy limits, affects which programs we are able to offer at this time.

Please check our website regularly for updates as we will gradually continue to open more parts of the facility and add programs and classes.

Why are some services not available?

Some services have been suspended to keep members and staff healthy. Suspending these services avoids high contact areas and contact with items that could contain germs.  Please bring your own towel, mat and water bottle.