We found out Tuesday, June 23 that we are not able to reopen on Monday, June 29 as we had anticipated and been planning for. We are ready to serve you. This is not just about reopening a gym; it’s about reopening your community space. We have redesigned our facilities to allow for social distancing, creating spaces and protocols that exceed the health and safety best practice guidelines from the CDC and New York State Department of Health. In anticipation of reopening, we began recalling staff. We had multiple contingency plans developed for scenarios throughout this shutdown, but we did not have a contingency plan for an unknown, new set of phases that remain undefined. The most significant support we have received during our closure has come from our Sustaining Members. We cannot express to you just how truly important this support has been, and how very grateful we are for you.


This is uncharted territory for everyone, including us. We do not know what to expect as Phase Four is rolled out, and we have received no indication from our state government as to when we can expect to reopen. Our last beacon of hope is for our members to stay with us as Sustaining Members if able. If you are unable, we understand. Please contact us and we can discuss other options.

We recently contacted many members about their membership status ahead of what was our anticipated reopening. We want to reiterate that no currently suspended memberships will be unsuspended until we can officially reopen.

If you feel compelled to contact the Governor or another official below, please implore them to immediately release the guidelines for reopening gyms and to set a firm date to resume operations:

Click here to send a message to the Governor

Governor Cuomo: Email or (518) 474-8390
Melissa DeRosa: Email  or (518) 474-4246

We know you want us to open. Believe us – we want to open, too. As soon as we can share more information with you, we will. Thank you for your continued support;.