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Make A Smart Start!

It sounds simple, and it is. Your key to long-term fitness is to start slow, build steadily, and find something you enjoy.

Start Smart is for anyone seeking guidance and support through easy-to-follow workouts or simple goal setting. It will include three one-on-one sessions with a member of our Health & Wellness staff who will work with you to develop your path toward success in your wellness journey.

This personalized program helps you set fitness, wellness, and lifestyle goals and supports you throughout that journey. It will include equipment orientations( if necessary), follow-up from staff as you progress, and options for continued success upon completion. Our Health & Wellness team knows that success results from small, sustainable changes maintained over time. Let us help you work on those changes!

Created by our Health & Wellness team, this program is designed to help guide individuals struggling with the "how do I?" question related to their health journey.

These individuals may not be quite ready for the attention of personal training and are not quite sure they can maintain a program on their own. This program is their starting point.


  • It is efficient - it is easy to manage.
  • It helps create self-accountability, one of the most significant predictors of success!
  • It will show lasting results- when correctly followed.


What Does This Program Look Like?

Session One
Meet with a Health & Wellness staff member designated by the Wellness Director. Basic fitness assessment to help you know where you are on day one. Orientation to general fitness equipment to be utilized during the program.

Session Two
To be set up within one week of the first meeting. Review your plan with your coach to ensure proper understanding, equipment use, and expectations.

Session Three
Meet with your coach Assessment to measure 30-day success. Discuss and develop your plan for continued results over the next 3 -6 months.

Complete the program and receive a week's guest pass for a friend. 

Ready To Start Smart?

Please contact our Health & Wellness Department.

Laura Clary | 315.990.0696

Tina Hunt | 315.990.0799

Fee: Auburn Y Members:  $50